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We’re located in Downtown Kingman Arizona

The Healthy Bar is a fast-casual restaurant in historic downtown Kingman, offering cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads and more in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

We aim to make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle in Kingman!

Our goal is to provide healthy fuel for our community to magnify our potential individually and as a whole.

We make food from the freshest and most local whole ingredients available, without any artificial additives or ingredients.

We strive for affordability, without compromising health.

We aspire to focus as much as possible on our community, including training and developing employees, educating the community through everything from free resources to masterclasses, partnering with local farmers and overproducing gardeners, collaborating with neighboring merchants, etc.

“Earth-sourced food enhances potential. Health springs from a rich ecosystem, beyond mere diet. Food serves as medicine, ensuring present and future wellness. Waste uncovers opportunity, underscoring inherent human value.”


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The Healthy Bar isn’t a typical workplace: it’s what we call an “Entrepreneur Engine”. Employees of The Healthy Bar are given more responsibility, education, and empowerment, and therefore have more expected of them than at a typical food service establishment (and most companies, frankly). There is a heavy focus on entrepreneurship, employee development, leadership, and initiative.

A position at The Healthy Bar is somewhere between continued on-the-job training, an internship/apprenticeship, and getting paid to go to school. Ideal candidates will be looking to dynamize business-minded careers, not just get a job.

At the same time, the entrepreneurship principles we focus on are put into practice in a fast-paced food service environment (which is not compatible with every entrepreneur!) Crew members are expected to perform at a high level in both food service and entrepreneurship.